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I have no idea if anyone still comes here, as there have been no updates in the past century.  However, just for the record, I have an address change – here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I just sent out:

Sorry for the epic lack of updates on the blog/via e-mail, though I’m glad to see that everyone (with one exception – I’m looking at you, Aunt Patty/Uncle Dean!) is on Facebook.  For my generation, it’s definitely the way to keep in touch, simply because it’s so easy and multi-purpose: not only can you send messages, but you can also post pictures, etc.  Still, I thought I’d send out this update the old-fashioned way, just so everybody’s in the loop.

Over the past several months, ISA (my study abroad program) has commissioned a new office to be built just down the street from the old office.  The reasons are two-fold, it would seem: for one, the current ISA office building is small and is usually packed with students; the new building will provide more space and a nicer environment.  Also, the new building is a block or two closer to the main university building, meaning that students will be able to avoid the area near the Mercado Central in Valpo, an area with a reputation for thievery.  Tomorrow is the last day that the old office will be open, and the ISA staff have allotted themselves four days to transfer everything over before the new office opens Monday, June 7th.

What does this mean for you guys?

That I have a new address:

Attn: Christian Gonze

Oficina de ISA, 12 de Febrero #86,

Valparaíso, Chile

Any cards that anyone has already sent will be forwarded to the new location.  Also, to be honest, the window for sending things via snail-mail is on it’s way to closing – I wouldn’t put anything in the mail after the last week of June/first few days of July, as it might not reach me before I come home.  Speaking of which, the end is in sight!  Only 53 days until I set foot on my plane home!


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